Speak Up Photo Competition promoting inclusion




Photo contest sponsored by partners of Speak Up (speak-up-eu.com) – ERIM, Common Frames, Karpos, Next Step Hungary and FORMA.Azione. With the support of European Commission.

Promote inclusion of recently arrived migrants

Tag @speak_up in your photos and add the hashtags #speakup and #livingtogether


The contest SPEAK UP is inviting newly arrived migrants and youth to think and express, through original shots, their view on the theme of ‘inclusion’. With this photo you answer questions like: how do you see yourself in your new country? Do you feel part of the new society or what would you need to feel this? Participants can send up a maximum of 3 photos adding a short text in order to describe their own pictures (if wanted).


To participate you must be a person in migration newly arrived (less than 5 years) and living in Europe, apply to a call launched by partners*, being not older than 30 years, owning the rights of the photos that you want to submit and strictly adhere to the contest norms.


Starting: May 12th 2021

Ending: September 30th  2021


Each participant can submit to a maximum of 3 photos to apply to the call launched by the Speak Up partners in Europe. The photos must meet the requirements (the penalty is the exclusion from the contest itself) and can be both in colour and in black & white. Reprocessing, photo-montages and other interventions are allowed to improve the comprehension of the work represented. Files have to be in a good resolution in order to be able to print. Participants have to:

  • Send photos using the form online
  • Fill in the information required
  • Upload pictures on social media (Instagram/Facebook) using the hashtag #speakup, #livingtogether and tag the @speak_up account.


Contest participation implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in the contest norms. The photos that do not apply to all the contest norms will not be taken into consideration. Apart from the rules mentioned here, you will find below some important notes on copyright and responsibility.


The jury would assess photos from a technical and content (relevance, innovation, and evocative) standpoint. The criteria to evaluate photographs will be:

  • the quality of the image
  • the clear understanding of the theme/subject represented
  • the innovativeness of the work
  • the originality of the images proposed
  • the likes gotten on Instagram and/or Facebook

The jury of the competition, whose judgement is unquestionable, composed of expert representatives of each participating country, based on the above criteria will select 20 photos winners along with the three best photos. Evaluations will take place early July and awardees will be noticed before the end of July.   


The winning entries will all be professionally printed and displayed at the festivals, along with a selection of the winners from other countries. Besides, the three best photos will receive a smartphone by choice of maximum 500 euro! 

The 3 most evocative photos identified by the jury will represent the project in coverage on social media channels and press campaigns in the various partners’ countries (France, Greece, Italy, Hungary and The Netherlands) to promote inclusion in the media as much as possible. The winners will be, whenever possible, mentioned or awarded during the festivals in various European cities. The photographs and their explanations will be related to each other in an ideal dialogue in order to talk about and promote inclusion.

Please fill-in this form and submit your photograph for the competition. Good luck!

Responsibility and Copyright:

The participants in the contest guarantee that:

  • the photographs sent are original and personal, and are not copy – in whole or in part – of a photographic work already existing;
  • the realization of the shots have to guarantee its absolute lawfulness in relation to the places, people (and/or animals) and the things reproduced and to have previously obtained, where necessary, the permits for its realization. The permit must be documented by means of a suitable release and made to subscribe to the people involved by the photographer participating in the contest.
  • the photographs do not contain images and/or parts of images that may violate the rules on copyright or be offensive to the public morality or the public decorum or that prejudice to the honor, reputation or dignity of the person portrayed.

In no event shall the promoter be held liable for any violations and/or offences, which may be committed during or through the realization of the photographs.

The contest organizers, who will view the photographs before submitting them to the jury, are entitled to exclude from the competition the images that will not be consistent with the spirit of the event and/or that will not respect the criteria enshrined in Regulation.

The copyrights of photos submitted for the selection shall remain in the lead of the respective authors. In no event will the promoter or its partners exploit the images for commercial purposes. At the same time, with the participation in the contest, the participants acknowledge the promoters and their partners for the right to publish and/or disseminate the elaborations submitted for the selection.

Privacy and confidentiality of the data

As part of the project Speak Up, we will process certain personal data concerning users. These processing operations are carried out in compliance with Law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, as amended, relating to data processing, files and freedoms (“Data Protection Act”) and the European Regulation of May 25, 2018 on data protection (“GDPR”).