Media and Information Literacy (MIL) toolkit

Developed by the Team Up! – Media for Adult education team (4Change, FORMA.Azione, KARPOS and ERIM), this Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Toolkit gathers 29 MIL Tools. Chosen after a thorough selection by the Team Up! team, our aim is to support you during the implementation of your MIL training by giving your group easy-to-use MIL tools for everyday life. 

Divided into 5 categories (media production, fake news/disinformation, MIL critical thinking, hate speech, discrimination and stereotypes, and safety online, privacy and ethics), the tools chosen gather different formats (games, manual, webpages…), giving you the choice of what is most relevant to your MIL Training.

Built in coordination with the Trainers’ good practices manual and Curriculum for a Trainers’ training in Media and Information Literacy, these three instruments complement each other and will give you keys to implement meaningful MIL Trainings for adults.