What is my Label?

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It is easy to say “I have no prejudices” or “I’m not racist, so it has nothing to do with me”, or “I didn’t invite those refugees”. It is hard to say “I may not be to blame for what happened in the past but I want to take responsibility for making sure it doesn’t continue into the future”. This is why “What is my label?” was developed and can be easily included in your MIL training: A 2-hour activity practical experiment showing how stereotypes are rooted inside our minds and how easy is to be judged by others.

Troll Survivor Guide

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Within this short and easy-to-use manual, 4 steps are developed in case you encounter hate speech. It defines what hate speech is, how to identify it, how to react to it when you face this type of content, and how to denounce it. Easy to remember, it can be easily shared with your group during your MIL training.


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This game is a fun educational tool created to help people rid themselves of common systematic misconceptions about global development. To start making use of all the abundance of data we face every day and counter a lack of factual knowledge and a lack of practical tools and habits to keep track of facts, Gapminder included various categories (migration, Internet usage, international conflicts, extreme poverty…) in their game to make us rethink what we though we knew, based on stereotypes.