Speak Up Photo Competition promoting inclusion

A photo contest by five European partners has been launched promoting inclusion of recently arrived migrants into their new societies. SPEAK UP is inviting newly arrived migrants and youth to think and express, through original shots, their view on the theme of ‘inclusion’: how do you see yourself in your new country? Do you feelContinue reading “Speak Up Photo Competition promoting inclusion”

Successfull First International Experts (hybrid) Meeting

UTRECHT, PERUGIA, ATHENS, BUDAPEST, LONDON, PARIS On 2nd October 2020, Speak Up! partners organised the First International Experts Meeting under a hybrid format after the cancellation of the in-situ meeting in Utrecht due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Despite the complex global context,  most of the partners and experts were able to meet in each countryContinue reading “Successfull First International Experts (hybrid) Meeting”

Introducing the International Experts Meeting Online

On 9 July 2020, Speak Up! partners organised an introductory session to the 1st International Experts Meeting of the project which should have been hosted by Common Frames in Utrecht (the Netherlands).